Kosak & Associates

Executive Level Technical Consulting

Kosak & Associates

Public and Private Compute Clouds

Kosak & Associates helps Businesses and Investors achieve their goals through executive level technical consulting.

Our expertise is in Scalable Efficient System Design, Intellectual Property Management, Investments, and M&A.

For Businesses we can:

  • Transition your business to modern Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Establish your Startup on a scalable low cost Public Cloud platform
  • Expand (or reduce) your infrastructure with a secure Private Cloud
  • Reduce operational costs while improving up-time and flexibility
  • Upgrade from a hosting provider to a data center or into the Cloud
  • Virtualize internal or customer facing computing resources
  • Protect your innovations through well structured Patents
  • Assist with the integration of acquired businesses or technology

For Investors we can:

  • Perform detailed pre-investment technology and IP audits
  • Perform technical due diligence and advise on any issues discovered
  • Provide executive level assistance to the investor
  • Provide management team support as needed

Kosak & Associates is led by Don Kosak, a veteran internet technology executive and former CTO of Lycos. He, and his network of business, legal, and technology associates are here to support your business.